Just starting out your business? Or are you looking to increase your productivity by leaning out your current processes? G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. is here to help.

Business Information Systems

G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. - Business Analyst - Winnipeg - Manitoba

As part of G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd.'s business analyst services they will review your business processes, software and hardware to determine where they can be reengineered to increase productivity and reduce wasted time and resources.

During the initial process analysis they will determine where productive output is lost throughout your current process, then assist you in the restructuring of processes to create a lean system. This includes teaching the three primary steps to achieving a lean system:

  1. Be aware that improvements can always be made
  2. Develop a simple process
  3. Continually review current process
G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. - Business Analyst - Winnipeg - Manitoba

Once the most effective starting process for your business has been determined, G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. will run a review to ensure your current software meets the requirements to effectively follow through. If it is verified that your current software is unable to provide the support needed, the team will research and source the necessary software, with the intention of minimal change with maximum benefit.

G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. is able to effectively review your current hardware and determine where it is meeting your existing needs, and where it can be improved. From this analysis they will determine the type of computers needed, taking into account laptops and tablet devices, and source the best possible hardware to meet your business needs.